Keep calm the World is not Ending on December 21, 2012

Recent Natural Disasters 2012: NASA says "You don't have to ask the government. Just go out and look" Keep calm the World is not Ending on December 21, 2012.
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NASA says "You don't have to ask the government. Just go out and look". Yes absolutely, keep calm the World is not Ending on December 21, 2012.

We had asked our Facebook and Twitter followers and fans, As 2012 is coming to an end, what are your hopes for 2013? This is what their views. Thanks to everyone.

Desiree Zayas from Puerto Rico: Waiting in God like always...trusting on Him/ He knows the future...
Dawn Farrell From London, United Kingdom: A new and better world, no borders, no wars.
Patcharee Nualprink From Muang Rayong, Thailand: More morality, decrease greedy!
Tom Briggs from Federal Way, Washington: I hope GOd steps up His WRATH against all sinners and proud hypocrite church people in 2013!!
Maggie Simi: More justice

What you think about World ending on december 21, 2012?

Glen McConnell from Christchurch, New Zealand: Oh for goodness sake . . . Ok then - once again - it's the end of a Myan period (144,000 days) which is kind of like the end of your calendar on the wall at home. And just like your calendar ending doesn't mean the world ends neither does theirs. A new one starts the next day. FYI 20 of these Mayan periods make their version of a millennium.
Ibbe Salee from Maldives: I'm a muslim. Our book QURAN says many things will happen before ending the world. See the translation of quran. No body knows that day nd time. But Allah will know everything.
Antoinette Viljoen from South Africa:  It is only the end of a galactic era and supposedly ushers in the age of Aquarius. Jesus said all these things will happen and it was not the end. I am busy doing my masters in biblical archaelogy, then dr, then open Bible College.No to end of world.
BernieGina Mesa from California, United States : I'm a christian, I believe the bible of many things will happen before the world ends. Plus, I am alaskan Indian who r very gifted natives with vision from mother earth, she is angry because she takes care of us all & we humans r destroying her. I think she is going to deal with us with natural disasters. Last, I study theories & facts whick shows the truth of global warming not the world ending. thank u for letting me express my thoughts.

                                        What do you think?

What special about Friday December 21, 2012? Friday will be the shortest day of the year for Northern Hemisphere dwellers, while folks in the South will enjoy the most sunshine of 2012 on that date.

Below is "Why the World Didn't End Yesterday" NASA video for December 22 nd. Why the world didn't end yesterday is a I told ya so video produced by NASA to be watched the day after December 21st 2012.

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