Last Updated: Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Earthquake felt in Dubai today!

Disaster Report: There is report of felt earthquake today in Dubai, some minutes ago. 

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Earthquake tremor was felt in Umm Sequim, ladies club, Mankool, Jumeirah, jebel Ali village and Safa (purely based on the felt reports as received by this blog). Did you feel it? In or around this place? Let us know. Click here to submit your felt reports.

Janette oliver from Al Safa writes, "First time ever in 11 years in Dubai-room shook and glass french doors looked as if they would smash with the movement"

Update 19:00 UTC
It is three hours after the people of Dubai reported feeling of earthquake tremor. Still no any data from seismological center available of any earthquake in Dubai till now! The only earthquake recorded at that time (around 07:30 PM) which people of Dubai are reporting was that one in Turkey-Syria-Iraq border region. The magnitude was just 3.2 and hard to experinece jolt and glasses rattled as reported by Sunil (below).

This is what Sunil Nair from Ajman, Free Zone reports through felt report form:
"Ya i felt it 2 times, the glass wall was about to collapse, it lasted for about 2 seconds, the people from nearby shops also felt it, as after which every one was talking about the same experience"

EMSC mentions M 3.8 earthquake in Southern Iran. The epicenter of earthquake is 395 km NE Dubai. Is that the people of Dubai are reporting of this tremor!

Hundreds of people are online at this time from Dubai BUT still no any earthquake news from any seismological center. People are reporting at least three minor tremors around Al Wasl/Jumeira at 7.30pm. If you are one from Dubai, you are highly requested to share what you felt? How was the shaking around you? Click here to send your experiences

This blog is currently getting maximum number of visitors from Dubai. Most of them are searching for "earthquake in Dubai". However no any seismological center have yet reported any tremor in Dubai till now- June 2012.
Once the news is confirmed, detail report will be updated.
Dubai is an emirate within the United Arab Emirates. Dubai Municipality today completed installation works for five devices in urban areas of Dubai to monitor earthquake. The monitors will measure "the peak ground acceleration" when earthquakes occur in Dubai, the other emirates and the wider Gulf region.

Felt reports
Jane from umm suqeim 1: I live in umm suqeim 1. My patio doors shook violently for a couple of seconds. This happened three times around 7.30 very scary!
Amanda Ellis from Umm Sequim: We heard two small shakes which made our very high glass doors wobble. The dog was very confused. Then we were all sitting in the kitchen and there was a large noise and the glass doors wobbled long enough for us all to look scared!