Tragedy Strikes Yaounde: 27 Lives Lost in Devastating Floods in Cameroon

October 9, 2023: At least 27 people lost their lives, and over 50 others sustained injuries as floods wreaked havoc in the Cameroonian capital of Yaounde and its surrounding neighborhoods on Sunday. The calamity unfolded as heavy rains unleashed flooding in the district of Yaounde 2, near the capital, leaving destruction and despair in its wake.

The district of Yaounde 2 witnessed buildings swept away in a torrent of water and mud, reduced to chunks of rubble. The disaster took a more ominous turn as the rising floodwaters overwhelmed a dike built in the colonial era, releasing a manmade lake that cascaded down a hill, carrying several structures in its path, according to Assola Joseph, a local leader in the Mbankolo neighborhood.

The aftermath of the flood was devastating, with numerous buildings in the district destroyed, and at least 30 houses in the Mbankolo neighborhood washed away, causing others to collapse with residents trapped inside.

Urbanism Minister Celestine Ketcha Courtes, who visited the site, urged local residents to heed the instructions of local authorities. Acknowledging the role of weather agencies, she emphasized the importance of freeing waterbeds in the face of Cameroon's intense rains.

"Flooding has been frequent in Cameroon in recent years, with experts often blaming climate change. The impact has been exacerbated by shoddy construction that often circumvents regulations," she said.

As the nation mourns the lives lost and assesses the extensive damage caused by the floods, authorities are actively engaged in rescue operations and relief efforts. The call for coordinated efforts, adherence to urbanism documents, and planned evacuation strategies becomes crucial in the face of recurrent natural disasters, aiming to protect the lives and well-being of the Cameroonian people.



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