What relationship exists between the locations of earthquakes and volcanoes?

Earthquakes and volcanoes are often closely related as both are geological phenomena associated with the movement of tectonic plates.

Volcanoes are often found near plate boundaries, where magma rises from the mantle and pushes its way to the surface, creating a volcanic eruption. These plate boundaries are also often the sites of earthquakes, as the movement of tectonic plates causes stress and pressure to build up, which can be suddenly released in the form of seismic waves.

In addition to plate boundaries, volcanoes can also form over hot spots, which are areas of the mantle where magma is closer to the surface. Hot spots can be located far from plate boundaries and are not necessarily associated with earthquakes.

It is worth noting that not all earthquakes are associated with volcanoes, and not all volcanoes are associated with earthquakes. However, the two phenomena are often found in the same locations due to the underlying geologic processes that drive both.

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