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Best Natural Disaster Movies on Amazon Prime

 Here are some of the best natural disaster movies currently available on Amazon Prime:

  1. The Day After Tomorrow (2004) - In this disaster epic, a sudden onset of global cooling leads to catastrophic weather events that force a climatologist to save his son and his friends.
  2. San Andreas (2015) - After a massive earthquake hits California, a rescue helicopter pilot goes on a dangerous journey to save his daughter in San Francisco.
  3. Into the Storm (2014) - This found-footage film follows a group of storm chasers and thrill-seekers as they document a series of deadly tornadoes that hit a small town in Oklahoma.
  4. The Impossible (2012) - This harrowing film is based on the true story of a family's vacation in Thailand that is interrupted by a massive tsunami that separates them and challenges them to survive and reunite amidst the disaster.
  5. Krakatoa: The Last Days (2006) - This historical drama depicts the 1883 eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia, which was one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.
  6. Supervolcano (2005) - This made-for-TV movie explores the catastrophic effects of a massive volcanic eruption at Yellowstone National Park, which could potentially wipe out most of North America.
  7. The Wave (2015) - This Norwegian disaster film follows a geologist who discovers a massive rockslide that could trigger a catastrophic tsunami, putting the lives of his family and community at risk.
  8. Category 5 (2014) - This action-packed film follows a team of hurricane hunters as they try to prevent a massive hurricane from hitting the Gulf Coast of the United States.
  9. Earthquake (1974) - This classic disaster film stars Charlton Heston and depicts the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that hits Los Angeles.
  10. Black Sunday (1977) - This suspenseful film is based on the novel by Thomas Harris and follows a terrorist plot to detonate a bomb at the Super Bowl in Miami using a blimp, which would cause a catastrophic disaster.