Does USAA have flood insurance?

Q: Does USAA have flood insurance?

A: As per United Services Automobile Association (USAA), the flood insurance is typically not covered in a homeowners insurance policy; although, flood coverage is part of a USAA Renters Insurance policy. 

The flood losses are generally covered by your National Flood Insurance Program policy through USAA.

USAA provides flood insurance through the NFIP as well as through its broker network. 

USAA is a San Antonio-based company with more than 12.4 million members.

Apart from USA, it has offices in London and Frankfurt as well.

To learn more about various natural disaster insurance coverage, log on

USAA flood insurance Phone Number: 210-531-USAA (That's 210-531-8722) or 800-531-USAA (That's 800-531-8722).

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