DECEMBER 13, 2016: Nigel Anthony Gray earthquake prediction goes viral!

December 13, 2016: An earthquake warning post on Facebook by a man named Nigel Antony Gray has gone viral in New Zealand.

Nigel Antony Gray has predicted a major earthquake in East Cape today.

Nigel Antony Gray is the same person who claimed to have predicted last month's 7.8 magnitude Kaikoura earthquake.

The earthquake prediction led a long queues at two petrol stations in Gisborne apparently driven by an earthquake prediction post on Facebook.

"On Nov6th I predicted a quake would occur on Nov 14th and it happened. I have predicted another quake here on December 13th and since my prediction there have been a lot of things happening that correlate to that date. I believe the quakes are being caused by man-made geo-engineering weapons," Nigel Antony Gray mentioned in his Facebook post.

But GNS Science said earthquakes could not be predicted.
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