M6.5 strongest earthquake in 36 yrs hits near Norcia, Italy

Earthquake damaged buildings in Arquata del Tronto, Italy (Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)
October 30, 2016: At least 20 people injured after a strongest earthquake in 36 years rattled Italy at 7:41 a.m. with its epicenter near Norcia. 

According to Italy’s national geophysical and volcanology institute, magnitude 6.5 tremor was recorded, the strongest to hit Italy since 1980. It was felt as far north as near the border with Austria and in Rome.

The earthquake destroyed several homes and historic buildings, including the ancient Basilica of St. Benedict in Norcia.

The earthquake was followed by around 200 aftershocks in first 10 hours of the earthquake. The earthquake was stronger than the one that struck in August and killed nearly 300 people.
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