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Biggest meteor sighting recorded in Britain; Clearly observed from London, Hampshire and Stafford

Meteor over Battersea in London (Twitter Video/ DJ Paul Gilbert)

A bright meteor has been spotted over Britain at about at 03:16 GMT. Meteor was clearly observed from London, Hampshire, Stafford and the east coast of England.

"A green flash was observed moving south to north for a few seconds, leaving a magnesium-white trail," BBC reported. Its colour has prompted people on Twitter to describe it as the St Patrick's Day meteor.

Richard Kacerek, from the UK Meteor Observation Network has received several reported from across the country. "This is the biggest meteor sighting we have recorded," Mr Kacerek said BBC.

Dr Karen Masters, an astronomer at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation at the University of Portsmouth, expects it to be a chunk of metallic rock which had come in from the solar system.