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Earthquake causes land cracks in Nepal, hundreds affected

Magnitude 4.5 tremor has caused land cracks in Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal. The earthquake hit Selang area of Sindhupalchowk Tuesday morning at 03:12 am. 

The earthquake caused multiple cracks in Baaskharka area of Selang VDC where around 150 families have been living in temporary shelters.

The earthquake lashed the area during the heavy storm. Storm has also blown away the tents of earthquake victims. 

Earlier, magnitude 4.2 aftershock hit Sindhupalchowk district with epicenter located near "The Last Resort".

According to Nepal Seismological Center, it is an aftershock of Gorkha earthquake. At least 441 aftershocks of magnitude 4 and greater have been recorded since April 25 Gorkha earthquake.