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Landslide at Nepal's Mt Annapurna base leaves 5 missing


According to Nepal Police, five locals who had gone missing after a dry landslide at the base of Mt Annapurna South have been come into contact.

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A dry landslide has left five people missing at Mt Annapurna South base at Narchyang VDC – 1 of Myagdi district of Nepal.

The five persons had gone to a jungle at the base of Mount Annapurna South to collect nigalo (bamboo) on Monday afternoon.

Landslide has released a huge cloud of dust. The landslide has also decelerated the flow of Ghalemdi river.

Rescuers are unable to reach the site due to lack of road and poor visibility from the dust. According to Nepal Police, following people of Narchyang and Charchyang have been missing:

Hukum Pun
Dil Bahadur Thajali
Tanka Bahadur Thalaji
Narbahadur Fagami
Sher bahadur Fagami