Flood emergency declared as 3 killed in Chitral, Pakistan — Food shortage looms

At least three people have died in flash flood in Chitral, Pakistan prompting the authority to declare flood emergency in the area.

Around 2, 85,000 people have been displaced due to storms and flooding, Geo TV reported. Deputy Commissioner Aminul Haq has declared a flood emergency and has appealed to the federal and provincial government as well as NGO’s seeking their cooperation.

Due to road closures people are facing shortage of food items forcing many families to relocate and move in their relatives elsewhere.

The Pakistan Army has already launched a rehabilitation operation alongside the local administration in Chitral.

The initial devastation report of the Chitral floods has found 104 houses destroyed by the disaster. Further, 13 roads have also been destroyed while 14 bridges leading to Chitral have been flooded.

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