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Mount Shindake volcano eruption 2015: Japan issues highest alert

The Japan Meteorological Agency has raised the volcanic alert level of Mount Shindake to Level 5 - the top of its five-point warning system, issuing an evacuation directive.

Around 80 residents have been taken refuge in a shelter on the island, Japan Today has written quoting the national broadcaster NHK.

NHK TV footage shows an explosive eruption on Mount Shindake (via The Japan News)
The Japan Meteorological Agency has captured the plume spewed into the air from Mount Shindake, on the far southern island of Kuchinoerabu.

According to The Guardian, Mount Shindake erupted about 10am (01:00 GMT) leading authorities to order residents to evacuate the island.

Mount Shindake volcano in Kagoshima Prefecture erupted for the first eruption in 34 years last August.

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