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Why 9.8 magnitude earthquake won't hit California on May 28, 2015?

There are lots of discussions going on social medias that a huge earthquake with magnitude 9.8 will hit California on May 28, 2015 at 4pm local time. People are worried about the planetary alignment on May 28 which will create such massive earthquake. So, how real is the source? Well the straight forward answer to it is, TOTALLY FAKE.

How the message spread then? Well, it was first posted by YouTube user Ditrianum Media on April 29 th 2015 entitled Global Coastal Event on May 28, 2015. The message reads as:
On May 28, 2015 towards the end of the day UTC time, and continuing on May 29, there will be a series of very critical planetary alignments whereby Venus and Mercury are really being charged up on the North-Amerca / Pacific side.

The Huffington Post UK citing Frank Hoogerbeets, the founder and president of Ditrianum Media, noted that his theory was based on the calculation that the 9.8 quake will strike when "no less than five planetary alignments will converge with the Earth."

Hoogerbeets warns the earthquake will be even more powerful than the one which rocked Nepal earlier this month. Magnitude 7.9 earthquake and aftershocks have already claimed lives of more than 8,500 people and become the deadliest earthquake in the country's history.

So, what is the possibility of happening a magnitude 9.8 earthquake in California on May 28? The first important thing to note here is that earthquakes have never been predicted till date with exact magnitude, time and location. Next, there is no way an alignment of planets can cause an earthquake on Earth.

People may have been more worried as California earthquake forecast report by the United States. Geological Survey (USGS) had shown 7% chance of a magnitude 8.0 or greater earthquake hitting California in the next three decades.

The report claimed that the southern San Andreas, going through the Coachella Valley and up through the Mojave, is the most likely place in the state to host a large earthquake. Current rumors also claims magnitude 9.8 in the same region on May 28.

Coming to the YouTube message again, it's true that some studies have found that the Moon can cause a tiny increase in probability of certain kinds of earthquakes, due to its influence on the tides. However, the weak correlation was only with quakes along faults where one tectonic plate slips under another, The Weather Network has written.

American science blogger Phil Plait in an article published in Slate has completely rubbished the claim a total 'baloney.' According to Slate, there’s not even really an alignment on that date, at least not with the Earth.

"I’ve done the math on this before; the maximum combined gravity of all the planets under the ideal conditions is still far less than the gravitational influence of the moon on the Earth, and the moon at very best has an extremely weak influence on earthquakes.” 

So, how could such rumor be so viral to panic people. Keep calm and don't run behind such baseless rumor. Don't forget to browse this post on May 29, 2015 as well. We still have to listen such hoaxes in coming days. Click for earthquakes in California on May 28, 2015

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