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Tropical Cyclone Christine prompts RED ALERT in Western Australia

Update 2013/12/31, 01:55 UTC
-At 8:00 am WST Tropical Cyclone Christine was estimated to be 155 kilometres south of Karratha and 135 kilometres north northwest of Paraburdoo, Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology said.
-To 8.30am local time, Roebourne had recorded 134 mm rainfall, Port Hedland 123 mm and Karratha 110 mm.
-An Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Rapid Damage Assessment team is on location to help if required.
-Red alert still continues for the people in or near coastal areas between De Grey and Mardie, including Port Hedland, South Hedland, Whim Creek, Roebourne, Point Samson, Wickham, Karratha and Dampier also extending inland to Tom Price and Paraburdoo.


Cyclone Christine Damage: Photo below shows a tree uprooted in Karratha by high winds (Jean Jones, Perth Weather Live).


Update 23:40 UTC
Christine crossed the coast between Whim Creek and Roebourne around midnight as a Category 3 Cyclone. The system is slowly weakening and has currently downgraded to a Category 2 Cyclone.

Update 17:15 UTC
-According to the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, Tropical Cyclone Christine has crossed the coast between Whim Creek and Roebourne.
-Tropical Cyclone Christine is currently located 150 kilometres west southwest of Port Hedland and 50 kilometres east southeast of Karratha and moving southwest at 16 kilometres per hour.
-The Cyclone Warning for coastal areas between Pardoo and De Grey has been cancelled.

Update 16:35 UTC
-Cyclone Christine has cut power to nearly 1,000 residents in Karratha and more than 170 residents in Port Hedland.
-Very destructive winds with gusts to 170 kilometres per hour have been observed at Roebourne Airport, Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology stated.
-Several cyclone welfare centres have been set up around the Pilbara, including the Karratha Leisureplex, JD Hardie Centre in South Hedland and Marble Bar Civic Centre.

Below is a Tropical Cyclone Christine forecast track map issued by Australia Government Bureau of Meteorology at 12:06 am WST Tuesday 31 December 2013.


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A red alert has been issued for people in Kimberley and Pilbara region of Western Australia following the Tropical Cyclone Christine.

A red alert has been issued for residents in Port Hedland, Karratha and communities between Pardoo and Mardie.

Following is the part of the tropical storm warning issued by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) of Western Australia in its website
"There is a threat to lives and homes. You are in danger and need to act immediately."
A yellow alert is current for people in or near Marble Bar, Tom Price, Paraburdoo and Pannawonica. Similarly, a blue alert has been issued for coastal areas between Wallal and Pardoo, between Mardie and Onslow, the inland area from Marble Bar to Newman, and between the Collier Ranges and Three Rivers.

The DFES State Emergency Service (SES) and Volunteer Emergency Service (VES) has also advised people to keep the emergency kit at hand and stay indoors until the authorities give the all clear notice, Xinhua reported.

The world's biggest mining company, BHP Billiton, has already suspended its port and rail operations in Port Hedland.

The category three system is expected to cause massive storm surges of up to five metres along with flooding and destructive winds of about 200 km/hr.

Cyclone Christine is predicted to make landfall late Monday or early Tuesday, between Karratha and Port Hedland.

Original post: Natural Disasters List December 30, 2013