Meteotsunami Hits Majorca’s Seaside Resort: Puerto Alcudia Flooded by Rare Phenomenon

June 21, 2024: In a surprising turn of events, the picturesque seaside resort of Puerto Alcudia in Majorca, Spain was recently struck by a “mini tsunami.” The incident occurred on Wednesday night, submerging several streets and tourists scrambling to avoid the powerful surge.

The Scene Unfolds

Footage captured the dramatic moment when seawater cascaded down the streets of Puerto Alcudia, inundating the town after an unusual wave swept over adjacent beaches. Startled tourists deftly maneuvered to avoid getting drenched and potentially knocked off their feet by the forceful current.

What Is a Meteotsunami?

This natural phenomenon, known as a meteotsunami, is characterized by rapid sea-level fluctuations triggered by atmospheric events such as storms and squalls. Unlike traditional tsunamis, which result from seismic activity, meteotsunamis are typically smaller in scale. Locally referred to as “rissagas,” they can catch coastal communities off guard due to their sudden onset.

No Injuries, Minimal Damage

Thankfully, no injuries were reported during this meteotsunami event in Puerto Alcudia. While the floodwaters caused inconvenience and minor disruptions, there was no significant damage to infrastructure or property. The town’s residents, accustomed to these phenomena, have a well-established warning system in place. Meteorologists closely monitor atmospheric conditions to predict when a meteotsunami might occur, allowing them to issue timely alerts.

Climate Change and Meteotsunamis

As climate change continues to impact our planet, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. The combination of rising sea levels, intense storms, and atmospheric disturbances contributes to the occurrence of meteotsunamis. Coastal regions worldwide must remain vigilant and prepared for such events, even in areas where seismic activity is historically rare.

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