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Tornadoes in Oklahoma and rural parts of Kansas and Nebraska destroy homes

The tornadoes that hit Oklahoma and rural parts of Kansas and Nebraska have destroyed dozens of homes and overturned cars.

Tornado caused worst damage in the Oklahoma City area where homes at Bridge Creek, Amber and Blanchard have been destroyed, Associated Press reported.

That storm flipped vehicles on Interstate 35 and left power lines strewn across the roadway, meteorologist Michael Scotten with the National Weather Service in Norman said.

A tornado hit a zoo in Grady County, about 25 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. The storms also dumped up to 6 inches in the southern part of Oklahoma City, causing a flash flood emergency for the first time in its history.

About 10 homes have been destroyed in Amber and 25 have been destroyed in Bridge Creek, Associated Press mentioned quoting Grady County Emergency Management Director Dale Thompson as saying.

A state of emergency was declared as tornadoes caused extensive damage in Oklahoma two months earlier.