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YEMEN: Severe flooding in Aden kills 2

March 25, 2020: Severe flooding triggered by heavy rainfall has claimed lives of at least two people in Aden, the temporary capital of Yemen. Power outage has also been reported in Aden. Heavy rainfall is predicted for coming Thursday in Aden coming from the Arabian Sea.

Cyclone Mekunu kills 13 in Oman and Yemen

May 29, 2018: Severe cyclone Mekunu has claimed lives of at least 13 people in Oman and Yemen, including seven on Socotra, and six in Oman. Mekunu made landfall on the Omani coast near the city of Salalah at peak intensity.  Cyclonic Storm Mekunu was the most intense tropical cyclone to make landfall over the Arabian Peninsula on record.

IMD issues advisory to Maharashtra over Cyclone Sagar

May 19, 2018: The India Meteorological Department has issued advisory to Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra and Lakshadweep over Cyclone Sagar. The cyclonic storm Sagar lay centred over the Gulf of Aden, about 390 km east-northeast of Yemen's Aden city and 560 km west-northwest of Socotra Islands. According to the Advisory, the cyclone Sagar is very likely to intensify further slightly during the next 12 hours and continue to move westwards for some more time and then move west-southwestwards thereafter. The northern part of Sagar brought heavy rain and some minor flooding to coastal towns of Yemen. Sagar brought heavy rainfall to coastal areas in Yemen's Hadramawt and Mahra provinces and Socotra Island. Cyclone Sagar expected to make a landfall by today evening over Somalia coast.

Severe Cyclonic Storm Megh kills two in Socotra Island, Yemen

Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Megh made a direct hit on Socotra Island Sunday claiming lives of two people, one week after Cyclone Chapala passed through the region . The U.S. Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) classified Megh as a Category 3 equivalent near the time it hit Socotra Island.

Yemen flood sweeps away 76

Update According to the State media, 27 people are confirmed dead and 41 are still missing. Others eight people have been rescued. At least 76 people, mostly women and children, have been swept away by flood waters in southern Yemen. Flood waters swept away three vehicles going to Wadi Nakhla, a valley between Taiz and Ibb provinces of Yemen. Recent floods in Yemen's capital Sanaa closed several roads and trapped some cars. The 2008 Yemen floods which occurred on October 23 had claimed lives of at least 65 people. Original post: Natural Disasters List August 17, 2013

Yemen Flood News: Heavy rain flood streets in Sanaa

Heavy rains caused flood on a street in Sanaa, Yemen, Xinhua reported. Yemen flood closed several roads and trapped some cars in the flood water in capital Sanaa. Below is a photo of Yemenis pushing a trapped car in Sanaa, Yemen (Xinhua/Mohammed Mohammed). The 2008 Yemen floods which occurred on October 23 had claimed lives of at least 65 people. Original post: Natural Disasters List July 28, 2013